We live in a golden age of retail trading. Technology-driven innovation has spawned mobile-first trading apps with no commission and no minimum investm…
A message congestion fee that targets micro-bursts can simultaneously improve liquidity, as well as reduce the risk of a congested market.
ETFs tracking the same index charge different fees. Also, more expensive ETFs seem to attract more investors. Why? Better liquidity.
Can we sustain a single distributed exchange across geographic regions?
Asymmetric speed bumps partially reduce investment in low-latency technology, with longer delays having a stronger impact.
Surge pricing of low-latency technology can reduce high-frequency trading externalities.
The most-covered 5% of U.S. equity account for more than 25% of analyst coverage.
Asset managers, particularly passive investment firms, race towards offering zero-fee funds. On August 1st 2018, Fidelity Investments —…